T-storms and ramblings

So we’re in the middle of storms and it’s looking awful outside. I’m hoping things are fine when I get back home from work. I’m trying to get some swag out (I finally got all of it to give away!) and I’m hoping this doesn’t stop that. I’m also trying to get to the editing/fixing process for “Wrecked Art” and do something about The Reaper’s Apprentices. (Originally, TRA was supposed to come out last month but I had to make some changes so it’ll probably be out May instead). Throw in school, work, money issues…my head is spinning.


So here’s what’s on my plate:


“Wrecked Art, Poisonous Words” – check edits, send back some fixings

“Operation Genome #1” – wait on paperback formatting, ebook is out

“The Reaper’s Apprentices #1” – check edits, format again

“Cirque Macabre #2” – try to get further on it

“Sugar in the Wound” – write more in it


This will get updated soon and I’ll come back to talk more about me.


Be well, all.



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