Paperback is on the way!

I finally got the formatting for the paperback for Operation: Genome #1 so we won’t have to wait longer! I’ll check it out at home first and then send it to be published. Also good to note that I finished my finals so I can relax for at least a week before summer session starts. I’ll also try to get out some of the stuff that I need to get out. I know people are waiting on swag like I was.

In the meantime, the ebook is still .99 so grab a copy today!

As far as books go…got a little further on almost everything but Cirque Macabre #2. I need some motivation for that. I thought going to Vegas would help but it didn’t :/ Oh well, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe inspiration will hit soon.

ETA: Well, Createspace was a little hard to deal with today but I finally got it to cooperate with me! Hopefully, we’ll see the paperback out soon enough!

I’ve got news on book signings and blog tours coming up as well. Stay tuned.

Take care.



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