New projects, upcoming projects

Well, it looks like I ended up starting another book that is currently untitled. I more or less have the plot down pat. We’ve got romance and a fantasy world going on. I’m being influenced by anime and manga all over again (even though I haven’t watched or read any in a while). I’ve already started to write this though I have no idea how far I’ll get.


As for upcoming projects, the poetry book should be coming out soon. I got a cover which I will reveal later. I found someone to format it so we should hear from them soon. That may be the next book to come out. I also have to get back in touch with those who have my mystery story. Then it will be time to finish up one of my sequels (or this romance book, whichever happens first). We’re halfway through the year so let’s see what happens.


Also, I’m going to Philadelphia for a book signing (The Philly Book Fest) in November so I hope I get to see you guys there! 




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