Introduction and take over

Since I’ve gotten some new followers, I thought I’d say hi to you guys! I’m CS Patra and this is my blog that needs some work. Like I said below, I tend to post here at least twice a week, more if I have stuff going on, less if not. I write all kinds of books so there’s no specific genre that I’m in more than others. If you’ve never seen my work, you can find it here:

I have some books on .99 sale as well.

I also post stuff over at my FB page here. You may also see me offering up some e-books in giveaways:

That sound give you an idea of stuff I do. Right now, I’m working on an untitled romance/fantasy/sci-fi type novel. It’s at 7K right now so this is coming along beautifully. Prior to that, I finished a mystery and that now is in the editing/getting cover/formatting stage of things. I’m trying to get it ready before I got to Philly for a book signing. If not writing, I’m working my day job in revenue or studying for my masters. As you can see, my free time is limited. That doesn’t mean I don’t like anything. I have a love for Ninja Turtles since I was a kid. I enjoy other cartoons like Archer, Bob’s Burgers, and The Last Airbender (just the shows, not that movie that doesn’t exist in my mind). In terms of TV, I really only watch Orphan Black and American Horror Story. I also like all kinds of music out there and reading all sorts of genres. I just need it to be well-written and engaging.

That’s about it right now. Also, I’m doing a take over at 2:30 this after EST over at Beautifully Broken Book Blog (I’m probably getting the words in the words in the wrong order) over at Facebook.

Ciao for now!



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