A little update

Note: This is just the same post I had on my FB page but I’m bringing it over here as well.

Whew, I haven’t made any actual worthwhile posts here. I’ve just been busy getting ready for my first signing (three more months!) and trying to finish up one book while working on a new one. The one I’m on is romance like I had said (but if you know me, nothing ever is just romance or just fantasy or what have you). In a few days or so, I’ll have a lot more info later but in the meantime, bullet stuff:

1) Both book sales/freebies are still going till tomorrow.

2) I picked winners for all my FB giveaways. If you haven’t checked Beautifully Broken Book Blog or 2Bookaholics yet, go look for me and see if you find your name or the name of someone you know. Not everyone got in touch with me last week.

3) This romance book is going smoothly but I don’t know if it’ll be finished before the year is over. It’s currently a little over 16K now. After that, I promise to go back to all my sequels.

I need to get my mojo back on all of those and actually rewrite TRA #2 because I trashed the original copy. I’m also going to cut out parts of CM #2 as well. It’s quite sloppy in the beginning so I might have to shave it down. The prologue and first chapter to those are giving me a headache. That’s my job sometime in October and November when I get back home.

Much love,



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