Well, this week got busy

I finally have work to do at work and writing is coming along smoothly. I’m still working on the romance/fantasy novel and eventually I will reveal the title behind it. I’m holding off in case I decide on a better title later. Right now, that book is sitting at a little over 23K. I could write more if I didn’t have to wake up early the following day. Still, I’m growing to love this new story and these characters. Plus making up worlds is kinda fun. *That’s a tiny hint about the story*

I also got concept cover art for Wrapped in Death and Chocolate. I can’t reveal that yet cause we’re still thinking and mulling it over. There will be a cover reveal as time for that book’s release date approaches closer. I wish I could share it now cause it looks amazing but…good things come to those who wait! 😛

I keep forgetting to mention this but for one week, Frostbitten World will be .99 on Amazon. I put it back up in price next Monday so make sure to grab it while it’s still cheap! You can always borrow it too.


I think that’s about it for now. I’ll be back later and hopefully with good news again.



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