Freebie and reveals to be made

I’ve got a freebie of Lengths for Love this weekend. I forgot I had made it a freebie but apparently I did. The promo ends on Sunday though.

I finally have a cover for Wrapped in Death and Chocolate but I’m not doing a cover reveal until next month. I still need the book edited and formatted first. I’m anxious to show you guys but I have to hold back. My goal is to have this book as well as Wrecked Art, Poisonous Words out by September and October. I want them both ready before I go for my signing in November.

Now at the moment, I am working on my new project. I do have the name for it (finally) I decided I reveal the series name at 35K. At 40K, the name of the first book. I couldn’t help myself; I needed to make it a series. The temptation and desire to write more in this world and about these characters was too much. I’m currently at 28K with this one now. Maybe if I’m lucky, I can finish it. Let’s hope so.

More news coming soon. I got a lot of goodies from so many authors this week so I have books to read and stuff to use and try out.

Much love,



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