The Patterns and Parallels Saga: Hearts Under Ice

Well, I finally did it. I hit 50K on this book. It’s about halfway done but I do think that, if I write at least 1000 words a day, it will be done by October. Whether or not it will be published then is another story. I don’t know if I will have it out for Philly Author Fest either.

A brief summary: Olivia Mendoza has started working at Vaughn Industries after years of part time work at a beauty salon. She is not much of a science person but finds herself intrigued by her boss, Dr. Donovan Vaughn. Although he is rarely seen around people, he opens up to her about desires to find other parallel universes. It seems to be a strange concept at first. That changes when Olivia receives a message in frost and realizes that someone from another world is trying to contact her. She begins to have many dreams and tells Donnie all about them. Then Donnie disappears suddenly and her world is turned upside down.

Olivia must now travel to this Frost World with the aid of three travelers: her neighbor Madeline Howard and her friends, Alice and Gemma. She needs to find him before anything happens. However, something else is fueling her desire to travel to a new world. She cannot stop thinking about Donnie. She doesn’t want him to suffer. She knows very well that she has to save him. He’s got a place in her heart now and she’s not ready to let him leave her.

(I’ll come up with some better later. That’s just a small bit)



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