Relatively slow week

I know I haven’t done much since Tuesday but it’s been a slow week. I got my manuscript back and I’m going to look over editing changes during the weekend. Once I’m done there, it’ll be time to look for a formatter and then it will be out. I hope it’s out sometime next month! That’s my aim; mid-October.

As far as other works…I’ve stalled a bit on Hearts Under Ice but that should also get wrapped up soon. Operation: Genome #2 is also being written at the same time so I’m working on them as they are the closes to being finished. We’re on 71K in Hearts and 87K on OG (this sequel is most likely going to be longer than the first book).

AND…new swag is coming soon! I am getting some magnets and lip balm shipped in my direction and I’ll have them for Philly.

Take care, peeps. May October be exciting for all of you.



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