Slight update, apologies

I’m sorry I’m so slow with my updates! Truth is that I’m dealing with some personal issues at the moment so it’s slowing a lot of stuff down. I am still writing, of course, but my brain is totally scrambled. I’ve got my new book coming out and the signing in a few weeks! Eek!

So bit by bit:

1) Wrapped in Death and Chocolate has finally be proofread and I’m going to through the changes over the week. I touched some of them today and I’ll wrap that up this week. Once I get this formatted, it will be available next week. It’s a little later than I planned but at least it will be here!

2) My signing is next month and I’ve ordered my books and swag. Nervous but excited! More details coming later. I hope you guys stop by and get some stuff from me!

3) I’ve got a few more takeovers coming up on Facebook!

4) Hearts Under Ice will be ready for December 2014 and not before then. I expect it’ll be out either then or January 2015. Following that, I’ll try to get OG #2 out.

5) My latest work is The Reaper’s Apprentices #2. It’s sitting at 7K right now.

All right, I’ll be back soon with the release date for Wrapped!




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