Updates on many things

I know I’m slow with my updates and I apologize for that. I’m trying to get myself organized before next weekend. I can’t believe the date of my signing is finally here! Anyway, this post is just to give an update on what’s coming in the future. By future, I mean mostly 2015 although some of this stuff could move to 2016 as well.

1) Wrapped in Death and Chocolate is now with a formatter and I will hopefully get it back soon so I can release it this weekend (or sometime next week). It took a little longer than I wanted but that’s not a problem for me.

2) In terms of future books, this is where sequels and all lie:

-Hearts Under Ice will either be out December 2014 or January 2015, depending on my editor. No idea when I will start its sequel though, probably in late 2015, maybe earlier.

-Cirque Macabre #2 has hit the 50K mark but is nowhere near finished. I am planning on a summer 2015 release although I don’t think it’ll be out before the Sweet Summer Indie Explosion signing in July. We’ll see though. The next book of that series is called The Vanishing Act

-Operation: Genome #2 is called The Anti-Genome Group and is slated for a Spring 2015 release (maybe earlier if I can get an editor in time). I have the titles of books 3 – 6 as well. This may be the series where I have the future plans already set up.

-The Reaper’s Apprentices #2 is sitting at 7K now but I’ll get back into slowly. That next book is known as The Five Powers. This may come out late 2015.

-There will be more Portman Creamery mysteries as well as possibly another poetry book and maybe a short story anthology. We will see though.

I’ll update when Wrapped is out!



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