New projects

I swore I would not try to write anything new until sequels were done but I got hit by inspiration while in Philadelphia. So I’m writing that right now. It’s coming along slowly but surely. It’s not a NaNo novel though. I’m a little late to do that. At the moment, it’s at 3K and I wish I could write more in a day but that’s not possible. I’m in the final days of preparing my graduate portfolio and I have one last paper to write. So until those are finished, this new book is going to be moving slow unless I get hit by more inspiration.

Things to note about the new one:

-it is a romance book

-we’ve got a rock star in it as well as a band (still trying to come up with a good band name). I know you guys love rock star boyfriends 😉

-right now, it’s a stand alone but it might expand to more. It will depend how I feel.

-I’m still trying to come up with a title for it. I thought I had one but it might change.

Anyway, I’ll be back with an actual update soon.




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