Finally out for pre-order and some updates

I’m going to be busy with school for the next few days but the writing is moving along slowly. I’m trying to squeeze in time to write each book though I’ve slowed down a bit cause I have a grad portfolio and one final paper to do. However, we’ll be back in business soon.

First, Wrapped in Death and Chocolate is available for pre-order! I’m putting a few of the links here but you should be able to find it in any amazon. It’s for the low price of .99 right now!

After this, I’m going to try and take a few days to tighten up some stuff in Hearts Under Ice. Then I’ll have it ready for my editor. That I want to get out around Christmas time, maybe a little later depending on how much editing is needed.

And here’s the progress on the remaining works:

OG#2: Looking for editor and formatter for this but won’t deal with it till January 2015

OG#3: Sitting at 13K right now

TRA#2: Sitting at 11K right now

CM#2: At 51K, need to tighten up the loose ends in it. Aiming for a summer 2015 release with this

PAP#2: Hasn’t been started yet

Secret project: At 5K right now.

Thank you all for being so patient. I know I’m behind on mailing swag but I will get to it, I promise!



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