A quick update post

Hello, my new followers. My old followers can tell you that I usually do not post so many times in a row but I’ve had stuff happen lately. This is me just giving you a brief update on where I stand with things.

-Cyber Monday sales. I’ve got one book for free. It’ll be free until tomorrow:


Also, my latest book will be on sale until tomorrow or Wednesday (maybe later depending on when I get around to it. Not too much later though).  It’s only .99 for a short time.


-My next book will be the first in that Patterns and Parallels saga: Hearts Under Ice. This one is a fantasy and romance. I’ve sent it to the editor today and I’m going to work hard to get out around Christmas or so. If not, it’ll definitely be out by January.

-I’m also working on two new projects. The first is a book called Into the Limelight, which is one of those rock star romances. The second is the next in the Portman’s Creamery mysteries series. I’ve also got a lot of sequels that I need to straighten out.

-This Sunday, I shall be taking over The Bookish Laurel’s page on Facebook. Feel free to stop around 8 PM EST.

I think that’s about it for now. If I remember something later, I will add it.

Take care,


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