New social media thing and freebie

As some of you might have seen around FB, a lot of authors are joining From what I can see, it’s very similar to FB. I guess it’s just another social media platform that people are getting should FB change in the near future. Like everyone else, I decided to go ahead and get one. It’s pretty empty right now but I’ll try to add to in the future. Feel free to add me if you like.

The other thing to mention is that Wrapped in Death and Chocolate will be free for the next three days. This is my little graduation celebration thing that I’m sharing with readers. I’m posting a few amazon links here but it’s free pretty much everywhere.

As far as writing goes, Into the Limelight went over 20K during this weekend. My goal is to get it halfway done and then to start filling holes. The one thing I haven’t really done with this yet is write song lyrics. It’s been a while since I wrote a song so we’ll see how this goes. The other works are moving slowly but surely. Work will be hectic this week so I need all the writing time I can get.

Love you all,



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