Pre-Order Present! Hearts Under Ice!

Well, I thought I might surprise my readers with something so I decided to put Hearts Under Ice up for pre-order! It’s now available to buy ahead of time! The official release date is January 2, 2015. I’m also working on the sequel and hope to have that out by May or June.


Olivia Mendoza is trying to find her way around life. She hopes that her new job at a lab will help give her some excitement and much needed change. She is intrigued by her new boss, Dr. Donovan Vaughn. He is everything a boss should be; handsome, brilliant, kind, and enthusiastic about his work. In return, Olivia is everything Donnie hoped she would be; eager, hardworking, and open to all ideas. She is the first person that listens to his theories without turning him down. He tells her everything including his biggest dream; to move from one parallel universe to another. Donnie is sure it’s possible while Olivia is curious about it.

Then one day, Olivia gets a message written in frost on her car with the following: YOUR HEART IS UNDER ICE. Though she thinks it’s a prank, Donnie convinces her that it came from a parallel universe. Together, with the help of their mysterious new friends, they soon learn of other universes including a frost world. The frost world is where their message came from and soon they find out that world is in danger. Before Donnie and Olivia know it, they are on the adventure of a lifetime. However, both are soon going to find out that new worlds aren’t the only things they will discover. It is an adventure for them to remember…and the one that will draw them closer.

Links (I’m putting a few Amazon links but it is available for pre-order in all Amazons):

Last but not least, happy holidays to all of you! Happy New Year as well!

Much love,



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