Coming up in 2015

So I did promise to talk more about what’s coming in 2015. There’s at least three books that I’m sure will be out this year,possibly another one or two more. A lot has been going on in my personal life that has slowed me down a bit but I have not stopped writing. I usually try to write 1000 words a day, more if I can manage. I wish I could write all day but that’s not possible.

Anyway, upcoming books for 2015:

-Into the Limelight (I’m aiming for February/March 2015, may be sooner or later). This is the first book in my rocker romance series, Ghosts of Burning Inn. You’re going to follow Ben and Catherine’s relationship from the moment Catherine joins the band and through the growing popularity of the band. It’s not NC-17 though they do talk about certain things that you shouldn’t talk about in front of your children XD. (Will I ever do erotica in this series? It is possible 😉 )

-Paper Hearts (Most likely May/June 2015). The second book in the Patterns and Parallel’s Saga. We follow the events after Hearts Under Ice and see how Donnie and Olivia handle being in a new world completely made of paper. Also, more on their growing relationship.

-Four of the Usual Suspects (Anywhere between February to July 2015). This is the next mystery in the Portman’s Creamery series. We’ve got another murder mystery where the killer is named. Unfortunately, the case is not as simple as it looks. I’m not sure when I can finish with this one. It’s currently at 19K.

The might be coming out in 2015 books:

-The Anti-Genome Group (Fall/Winter 2015 most likely). The book is ready, I just need time to get it edited and formatted. I have no idea when I’ll do that. This is the sequel to Operation: Genome #1.

-Unlikely Allies (Fall/Winter 2015 as well). The sequel to TRA#1. This book is currently at 14K.

I know people are waiting Cirque Macabre #2 but that book is currently a mess. I need time to weed through it, lol. If I’m lucky, I can try to have it ready by end of the year. Also on my plate are starting the third books to P&P, the next book to Ghosts of Burning Inn, and finishing another Portman’s Creamery mystery. I’ve also made some playlists for my books, which I will post one day.

I have some sales and freebies coming up in the future (to celebrate my upcoming birthday, really). I’m also planning to get more swag later in the year for my signing in October. I will also get the paperback to Hearts Under Ice up this month too.

In the meantime, you can still check HUI as an ebook out on Amazon. Hopefully, I will remember to use the right links this time. Only posting a few here but it is out in all Amazon sites: (US) (UK) (CAN) (GER)

That’s it for now. Let’s hope I survive this year!



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