Slight updates

I know it’s been a week since you all last heard from me but I’m alive. Just currently writing away in the cave or trying to. Unfortunately, my sleep and sanity has also suffered. I hope this weekend will bring me back to normal. For now, some updates. I just had a takeover on Facebook and don’t know when I’ll have another one. I’m so busy with all my current books right now.


Currently working on all kinds of sequels. The Reaper’s Apprentices #2 is at 25K while Patterns and Parallels is sitting at 6K. Everything else is on the back burner.

In honor of my birthday on Monday, I made Wrapped in Death and Chocolate .99 for Kindle again.

Buy links:

Also, I’m going to have my new book as a freebie this weekend. So Hearts Under Ice will be free. It’s this one here:

Teaser for Into the Limelight aka the new book. I promised I would give you the synopsis but I failed to do so. Just a slight description:

After a tragedy rocks her life, classical pianist Catherine Chang makes an impulsive decision and joins the rock band, Ghosts of Burning Inn. There, she gets exposed to the rock star life and captures the attention of the lead singer.

I’ll see you all soon!



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