I revealed the cover to the new book already so I just want so share how far I am with my books. I’m not sure which will be finished first but we’ll see. Right now, it’s a race between the next Portman’s Creamery book or the next TRA book. PC is currently at 27K (And it may be a novella, depending how I wrap this up) and TRA is at 33K. I’m also trying to catch up with the next Patterns & Parallels book, which is still on 8K :/. As far as everything else…time will tell.

Two things that I’m sure about is that Portman’s Creamery #2 and Patterns & Parallels #2 will be coming out this year. If you’re not sure what the first books are about, I’ve got links below. Both also have paperback versions if you’re not into Kindle or e-books.

Buy links for PC:






Buy links for Hearts Under Ice:







And if you’re kind enough to review, that would be great (although it’s not necessary). Now I’m done with my pimping for the day.

Does anyone know who makes guitar picks? I need new swag for Into the Limelight and I can’t find anyone who does that.

Much love,



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