Updates, pics, decisions, etc.


Despite the fact that it’s been snowing and I’ve been ill, my new postcards came today! At long last, I’ve got some Patterns & Parallels swag in.

I’ve made some decisions. I decided that, instead of releasing it on March 7th, I’m releasing Into the Limelight on March 1st. Seeing that the paperback is up and it’s up on Smashwords, there’s no reason for me to keep it under wraps for too long.

Where you can get it right now:


Where you can pre-order (on all Amazons):





I also have paperback available on Amazon now for Into the Limelight! At long last!


In news of other works, the next Portman’s Creamery is more or less ready. It is a novella this time around. I think it works better this way. I hope to have it out by spring, though no exact date on it yet. This book currently is over 33K but it may go a little over that. By Sunday, I will done with it for sure.

Also, the next Patterns and Parallels book is at 21K. Still moving along with that one and hope to finish it by May. I’m also trying to clean up and finish The Reaper’s Apprentices #2. That one is at 48K right now. Being snowed in and sick helped move that one along.

BTW, that book is now up on Smashwords too:


In honor of my late brother, I will make Hearts Under Ice free for Saturday and Sunday only. On Smashwords, Into the Limelight will also be free for those two days.

So the next couple of books are sequels. This was the year of sequels so that’s what we’re getting. I’ve had to make some changes and I’m doing some giveaways now but I think I’m finally straightened out. This isn’t my best month in any means but hopefully March will look better.

Much love,



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