Signing info

Anyone in the Greenville, NC area that wants to go to the South and Sassy Signing in October? Well, I will be there. I cannot wait. If you’re on Facebook, here’s the official page for that:

Tickets for it go on sale May 1st. There will also be author takeovers that weekend too. I’ll be doing my takeover on May 1st at about 9 PM EST (I think. I have to double check). There will be a masked ball in the evening although you don’t have to be all formal for it (I seriously have no idea what I’m going to wear yet). If I recall, tickets at $10 if you get them early and later they’ll be $15. VIP, I think is $20 if you buy early and $25 later. Now, I’m wrong, I’ll correct that. Most likely, that’s close enough.

The books I know that I’ll have will be Portman’s Creamery: Wrapped in Death and Chocolate & Four of the Usual Suspects, Patterns & Parallels #1 & 2, The PC arc book, Ghosts of Burning Inn #1, and maybe some Cirque, OG, and TRA #2. I don’t know when my erotica will be done so that one’s up in the air.

BTW, the title of the erotica series is Flavors of Love. Book one is Sweet Love. That will be followed by Dirty Love, Electric Love, and Tough Love eventually.

All right, now back to writing!




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