Since I failed to do anything during Tax Day (which is bad considering that I’m a revenue employee), I decided to make Four of the Usual Suspects free for today and tomorrow. Here’s a few of the Amazon links but it’s free at all Amazons. If you’ve read Wrapped in Death and Chocolate, this book takes place in the same universe. It is a stand alone so you can read this without reading the other. Also, this one is a novella.

Speaking of the PC universe, I’m almost done with the first book in their first big case. Now the big cases are slightly different from normal books. It’s the same universe and characters but the cases are darker and longer (so they’ll span between two-four books). This particular case will be three books (although I might try to make to two books). Also, the big cases focus on the entire group rather than one girl at a time.

Patterns & Parallels #2 is also finished. I just need to polish it up and it’ll be ready for my editor next month. After that, I’ll try to wrap up TRA #2 and Sweet Love. My erotica is coming along nicely. I’ll share more once I hit 15K. (I’m at 8K right now so yeah)

That’s about it for now.



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