Updates on Sweet Love (Aka the plot)

So last night, I hit 30K on Sweet Love! As promised, I was going to reveal the plot behind this. You’ve heard me talk about it as my first erotica novel (in a line of many). It does have paranormal stuff in it, however it should not be too much to jerk away from the important points. Much like Portman’s Creamery, this book doesn’t follow a set pattern nor do I have a planned idea of how many books there will be in it. I guess that will depend on how much I feel like writing in that universe.

Another thing to note is that I will be writing this series under a pen name. The main reason for that is that way too many people that know me in real life follow me on social media. Some of them are relatives and friends from India who probably don’t want to know about me writing this stuff. I dread the questions that I would get from them. So just to avoid some of that, I’m keeping my over 18+ stuff under another name. It’s still me, of course.

Anyway, summary of the Flavors of Love: Sweet Love

Nate Porter had everything that a man could want and more. Born into wealth, he never had to worry about money or success. The company he inherited from his late parents was enough to keep him satisfied. He caught everyone’s eye wherever he went. Every woman wanted him and every man wanted to be him. He even had a wife and a baby on the way to keep him happy.

However, his happiness didn’t last long. In one night, a fire broke out in his house and left him with nothing. It was no accident and he vowed to get revenge on those who did him wrong. His wife and child were gone, he was alone, and he had no desire to live. That was also the night he met Hanna Townsend, a young demon with eyes red like blood and a voice filled curiosity. She struck a deal with him; she would help him get revenge if he showed her what love was like. He didn’t understand it but he accepted the deal. He would show her love, no matter what the cost.

When the family business is jeopardized by someone slipping drugs into the products, Nate and Hanna decide to investigate. During this time, Hanna begins to question what their relationship is and how much further they have to go. Nate tries to show her despite giving up on love and not looking to pursue anything new. As they continue their investigation, they begin to learn more about each other and realize what they really want in the end.

~ ~ ~

I’ll probably edit this and fix it up a bit but that’s the gist of it.

I should note that Four of the Usual Suspects will be free for Mother’s Day weekend on Amazon!





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