Well, I’ve been busy with finishing up my books these couple of months. So far, three books have hit 50K. P&P #2 and Black Paradise #1 are both finished. I think Black Paradise #1 will come out in early to mid-June while P&P #2 will probably be out in early July.

TRA #2 has some loose ends that need tying up. I plan to have that one out by either late August or early September.  Also nearing its end Sweet Love. I managed to get to 40K on that one today. I think I’ll finish that up soon and will have that one out in summer. Once all of this is taken care of, I’m taking a bit of a breather before starting on the next couple of books. Whew!

Since Patterns & Parallels #2 will go to the editor this week, Patterns & Parallels #1 is on sale for 99 cents! You don’t need to read it to understand book 2 but it will give you an idea of how things start in this series.


Will have more news later,




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