Sweet Love coming June 23rd!

This is going to be a short post but it is important. I finally got Sweet Love back from my editor, which means formatting is the next step. It also means that we have a release date for it!

Sweet Love is coming on June 23rd. It will be avaible for preorder on Amazon sometime next week or so. I’ll know for sure once I get it back from the formatter. I will also reveal the cover for the book next weekend (so I think that’s the 6th). I believe it will also be avaible for Smashwords for preorder around the same time. Paperback may follow a little later but I will have that up too.

With this and the next PC book on the way, I’m trying to wrap up TRA #2 and P&P #2. It seems like my plans have flipped around. The only book that is coming out when I expected it is TRA #2.
As far as next projects are concerned, I finally started Cirque Macabre #2 again! Didn’t go too far but I will try to catch up with it. Also updated some Operation: Genome #3.

All right, time to go!



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