Just a slight update on things

It’s about time I actually made a real update on things. I know I’ve spent a lot of this last week promoting Sweet Love and I apologize if it is clogging up your pages. I swear I will dial it down this week. I actually had no idea this would be ready and finished so soon. As you guess, my plans for when these books come out has flipped around.

Here’s how the new list for 2015 looks:

Sweet Love – June 9th

PC BlacK Paradise Circus #1 – sometime this month. I’m not sure exactly when but it’s almost ready. I don’t know if I want to set it for pre-order or release it straight out the gate either.

TRA #2 – sometime either late August or early September

P&P #2 – ditto. I know I said this would be out in the summer but it probably won’t be

* This book won’t be out for Greenville’s signing but the next PC book, Wrecked Art Poisonous Words, will probably come out in December if I’m lucky. It’s edited, it just needs everything else. If not December, then January for sure.

This is what’s most likely coming in 2016:

PC Black Paradise Circus #2

TRA #3

OG #2

Cirque Macabre #2

Flavors of Love: Love on Board

Now none of it is set in stone. A lot can happen and change in a year. We see that already with the line up of books for this year. Everything flipped around and it can happen again.
As you can see, most of these are sequels to the first books. If you’ve never read some of the first books, I do recommend it. (Though it is not required). Here are the first books for the ones coming out this year:

TRA #1


P&P #1


PC(not really a sequel but it’ll introduce you to the characters)


Sweet Love


Now on Kobo too!


(ETA: I apologize for how these links came out. I blame all the hyperlinks.

One late note: book signings. This year, there is only Greenville, which is fine with me. It’s close to home. For next year, nothing set in stone in those yet but I have a few places I’m considering including Boston, Norfolk, and Dallas.

There’s a cover reveal at the end of this week for Black Paradise Circus #1. Be on the look out for that!


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