Audiobook and other updates

So the audiobook for Ghosts of Burning Inn #1 is underway and I’ve gotten to hear the first eight chapters. It’s so great! I also have plans to get Wrapped in Death and Chocolate turned to an audiobook. Maybe the treat I put in SASS giveaway will be an audiobook if I can get it in time đŸ˜‰

Speaking of SASS, I’m planning on getting more swag made soon. My new books definitely need them. I’m thinking I might do hand sanitzers this time around. Everyone likes and needs hand sanitzers all them, myself included. I might do hand lotions or mint tins too. I’ve got enough postcards as it is and lip balm. I do need more bookmarks though. I’ll get them done some day soon.

I have also started the next Portman’s Creamery standalone book. It’s currently at 1K right now. So my projects for the second half of year are:

Portman’s Creamery standlone #3

PC Arc: Black Paradise Circus #2

Cirque Macabre #2

Flavors of Love #2

These aren’t all coming out this year, mind you! Just that I’m working on them. TRA #2 is more or less ready for the editor in August. That will be the last book I release before SASS. After SASS, I’m expecting Patterns & Parallels #2 and maybe one more thing (if I can get it ready). But most in that list will come out in 2016.

With storms rolling in, I’ve got to stop right about now. I promise to slow down with updates.



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