A better update

Well, we have a few things to take care of with the Ghosts of Burning Inn audiobook before it can come out. It is pretty much done but we’re missing one thing. In the other end, we’ve started work on Wrapped in Death and Chocolate’s audiobook. I’ll have either one or the other at my signing. Hopefully sooner than I intended.

Writing itself is going well. I’m finishing up Black Paradise Circus #2 quicker than I expected. It’s currently at 40K and just needs some of these loose ends tied up.

Black Paradise Circus #1 is over here and only 99 cents:

http://www amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZB3IJX6?*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Since that’s wrapping up, I’m going to wrap up TRA #2 so it’ll be ready in August. I have also started Cirque Macabre #2. The reason this took so long is because originally I wrote book 2 but I didn’t  like how it went so I trashed the whole thing. Flavors of Love #2 is also underway. I needed to start that one over. In addition, there will be new Portman’s Creamery book at the end of year.

So the next two books technically will be Patterns & Parallels #2 and The Reaper’s Apprentices #2. TRA #2 will clock in at a little over 60K, more than the first book. P&P #2 is shorter than its first book but that is fine. You do not need to read the first books but I do recommend it. It’ll help make some sense.

Don’t forget my paperback pre-order form for signings (and also other things even if it doesn’t say):


That’s about all for now. Next week means July is coming around so more things are around the bend!




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