Year End Reflection

Even though it’s technically not the end of the year, I’m done with writing for the year. New books won’t come out until 2016. I’ve got some great stuff on the way. One of the anticipated ones is the sequel to Cirque Macabre. It’s nearing the end and I hope I can have that out by February. I know it’s been three years but I’m praying it’s worth the wait.

This year was an interesting year for writing. It was the year of sequels. I completed sequels to the following series’: The Reaper’s Apprentices, Flavors of Love, and Patterns and Parallels. I also wrote a lot of book in the Portman’s Creamery series. In additon to Stacey’s first case, we got Pippa and Becca’s first cases out. Another new addition was the start of a rock romance, Ghosts of Burning Inn (and my first erotica series, Flavors of Love). I also finished Operation: Genome #2 (out next year) and nearing the end to both, Cirque Macabre #2 and Ghosts of Burning Inn #2.

A few other things that happened includes the addition of audiobooks. I worked with some amazing people who were incredible in the whole process and I thank them dearly. I would love to work with all of you again. There’s a different feel when you hear your own words. You’re in awe of the fact that you wrote all that.

Other things that happened was my signing in Greenville. Such a great event with great people. I loved that it was close to home for a change too. Even though it happened right after a tragedy, I’m glad I was able to go. The summer/autumn of this year really beat me down emotionally. Fortunately, I had all this to keep all those demons at bay.

My books can be found at the following places:






Till later,



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