New art and some changes


First off, some more maps of the Patterns & Parallels world. These were made by nhatlink and are also beautiful. I love seeing how people interpret my worlds and how different both maps were. Honestly, if you want to make me happy, artwork of my books (or of things I like) is the best way to do so.


Also, I’ve made some tentative changes to my 2016 books coming out. This is the tentative schedule for new books.

Cirque Macabre #2: The Vanishing Act (Jan 2016)

The Sugar Mountain Murders: A Mary Beth Pearson Mystery (Feb 2016)

Ghosts of Burning Inn #2: A Taste of Fame (April/May 2016)

Taming the Thief (July 2016)


Now that’s for the first half of 2016. Second half of 2016 is left to be seen. I’m hoping to wrap up TRA #3: In the Blood during that time and release Operation: Genome #2: The Anti-Genome Group. There may also be another PC book. I think that may be it for new books. I doubt I will have a Flavors of Love in 2016 as I did two in 2015. Not to mention, this next book is the beginning of a longer arc here. Patterns & Parallels #3 is also up in the air.


Anyway, that’s it for now. More news to come!



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