Happy New Year

I’m a little late on this but Happy New Year to everyone! We’re only two days into it yet I have made some changes regarding my writing. We have some newer projects coming out for one. The first big one will be Taming the Thief. I finally got around to finishing it on New Years Eve. I have the cover and some art for it. I just need to get it edited and formatted and we’re in business! The same thing goes for Cirque Macabre #2. I will probably release CM #2 in late Jan and TtT around early February.

My plan to release Ghosts of Burning Inn #2 is still April 2016 and I still have plan to release the new book, Last Dance of the Roses, in July 2016. If I finish it earlier, it will come out sooner. I still want to release Sugar Mountain Murders (Mary Beth’s mystery) in May 2016. However, we have two more books coming out.

First, it’s the beginning of new PC arc mystery. These are different in the sense that they are darker and longer. This one is known as The Perfume Party Murders and will be a two parter. I’m unsure when this will actually be out but it may be taking place of Sugar Mountain Murders (don’t worry, that one will still come. Just later).

Second is an f/f romance known as The Roses Were Pink. I just started that one today and haven’t gone far on it yet. We’ll see how things go with it.

Patterns & Parallels #3 is at 40K now and nearing an end. I am moving it to the end pile though ¬†because it’s not a heavy focus. I’m also moving TRA #4 to the not a huge focus pile too. This year does feel like a year for standalones.

More news coming soon!



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