Cover reveal and release party! (Plus more)

First thing’s first: we will be having a Taming the Thief cover reveal party on the 26th! That’s this Tuesday, everyone! We will have takovers and giveaways and lots of stuff. It starts around 10 AM UTC.

Secondly, there will be a release party for the book on February 10th. There will be more fun to be had and it will be going on for about six hours. More fun to be had over here!


I also wrapped up Ghosts of Burning Inn #2 and have gotten the cover for it. It looks sick! This book will most likely come out either late February or early March.


Updates on current works:

Last Dance of the Roses: 28K

The Roses Were Pink: 20K

Sparks and Flames: 7K

Perfume Party Murders #1: 13K


Yes, I still have sequels in work too but I’m slowing down on them right now. Once I can get a cover for Operation: Genome #2, that will come out in the summer. I also plan to wrap up TRA #3 this year (though whether it comes out this year or not remains to be seen).

More updates to come soon.

Much love,




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