Welcome to February. I had a longer post but I ended up erasing it instead for some reason. There are a lot of things happening this month with lots of takeovers, hops, and promotions. New books are also coming out. Last Dance of the Roses is set to be out by sometime next week. Then we’ve got a long break coming for us with the new books.

We also have three more audiobooks coming: Taming the Thief, Operation: Genome #1, and Hearts Under Ice. They are all due around March though they may be done sooner.

Ghosts of Burning Inn #2 finally came out as well.



Taming the Thief also released early.



In addition, I went back to the older works and updated them some. My goal is to get Patterns & Parallels #3 close to being finished by end of next week. Then we can move that to the side. Now that Last Dance of the Roses and The Roses Were Pink are done, I can return to old work.


P&P #3: 42K

TRA #4: 26K

Sparks and Flames: 16K

Key of Winter (new book): 11K

Perfume Party Murders #1: 15K

Portman’s Creamery 5: 30K (will go back to this tomorrow)


I’m also trying to wrap up TRA #3, which is still very undone right now. Another thing I want out this year is Operation: Genome #2, which is done but needs everything like editing, cover, and formatting.

I’ll have a better post later on.





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