End of February/March comes in

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few days. My computer died on me so I needed a brand new one. I did manage to salvage Patterns & Parallels #3, Sugar Mountain Murders (which is Portman’s #4), The Reaper’s Apprentices #3, and The Roses Were White (final name of my new LGBT novel). I have started rewriting a few of the other ones. I have a lot of Ghosts of Burning Inn #3 and The Summer Key (sequel to The Winter Key) already written down. Now Midnight Lessons will take a little longer as I lost about 12K worth of writing there. So far, I’ve gotten 2K down so that’s about 10K more to go. I can do it, it’s just I’m feeling kinda lazy to go into that. TRA #4 is also gone but looking at it now, I needed to rewrite that. Same thing with PC #5. Those two, despite being far, needed some massive changes.

Another good thing is that Sparks and Flames is out earlier than intended. It is also free for two days to celebrate the leap year.


I’m really pleased with how things went with The Roses Were Red that I’ve decided to do a few more ‘rose’ related books. Now they aren’t going to feature the same characters but they will have LGBT themes to them. That’s why the new book is now called The Roses Were White.

With the loss of some of my work (and it’s really work that just needed to be rewritten), it’s changing my schedule up. The Winter Key is due back to me soon so here’s what the schedule will be now.

The Winter Key – early-mid March (depending when it comes back to me)

Patterns & Parallels #3 – mid-late March

The Reaper’s Apprentice #3 – early April (if I’m lucky)

The Sugar Mountain Murders (Portman’s #4) – mid-April

Then the summer releases are all up in the air now. I hope I can have The Roses Were White or Midnight Lessons ready by SASS. I’ve made swag for Taming the Thief, Last Dance of the Roses, and Sparks and Flames already. There’s still more to do though.

Also, Paper Hearts and Taming the Thief will finally be audiobooks and are headed to retail. Waiting on others now.

I think I updated enough.




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