Trying to organize myself

I’ve been completely spacey today. I failed my formatter by giving him the wrong version of The Roses Were White. The book is complete. I’m just flopping with getting it out. Hopefully, the book will be released by tomorrow in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Another thing to note that The Roses Were Red’s audiobook is headed to retail. Also, after a long line of technical difficulties, Last Dance of Roses is FINALLY headed to retail too. I hope to have them up soon.

The big problem that I’ve had lately is I’ve started too many projects and haven’t gotten far on them. Therefore, I’m going to try and focus on five at the moment. The five that I’ve picked to focus on are Flavors of Love #3, In Too Deep (a standalone), TRA #4, The Summer Key, and The Roses Were Pink (new LGBT novel). I’m not adding Midnight Lessons to this list as that one is nearing an end. Ghosts of Burning Inn #3 will also get some updates along the way as will some new Portman’s stuff and Operation: Genome #2. They just won’t be the main focus. I’ll update these as I feel.

Current updates:

Flavors of Love #3: 4K

In Too Deep: 10K

TRA #4: 11K

The Summer Key: 12K

The Roses Were Pink: (Not started, just outlining now)

Ghosts #3: 5K (almost got this back to where it was)

I have to update my pre-order form for SASS. I may not have Midnight Lessons available there but we’ll see. Currently, my plan is to get The Roses Were White up and then TRA #3. Then we are done for a little while.

Spring book goals:

The Roses Were White -March 17th or 18th

The Reaper’s Apprentices #3 – March 24th

Patterns & Parallels #3 – sometime in mid-April

Sugar Mountain Murders (Mary Beth’s mystery) – late April/early May

Summer is going to be a very busy time for me personal wise, which is why I’m not making many plans for it now. I definitely don’t know what fall 2017 will be like.

Tomorrow, I hope to have some links up. I’ll try to stop updating on Thursdays as well.



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