Welcome, April

April is finally here and that means new things are around the corner. First thing is first, we have some April sales. The first three books in The Reaper’s Apprentices and Patterns & Parallels Saga are on sale. I’m posting on the US links but they are cheap everywhere else too.

Hearts Under Ice:


Paper Hearts:


Heart of Metalia:


~ ~ ~



The Contracts:


In the Blood:


~ ~ ~

Secondly, The Contracts is finally up on Audible for those of you who like listening to audiobooks. Awakened is also up there and In the Blood should be up there in late April/early May.


~ ~ ~

Thirdly, time to talk about future books. The only thing that I know will come out in April is The Sugar Mountain Murders (finally), the next Portman’s Creamery book. I got the edited manuscript back today and I just need the cover now. We’ll be good to go then. As for other works, it’s hard to say. My book after that one will either be The Summer Key or Roses in the Sand (formerly The Roses Were Pink). A lot has been changing with the books that I’m writing. Currently, these are the ones I’m focused on.

Roses in the Sand: 11K

Flavors of Love #3: Unpredictable Love: 12K

The Summer Key: 23K

Patterns & Parallels #4: Deep In the Heart of the Forest: 2K

I’ve also got two PC books (not far on either of them), In Too Deep (stalled on that), two TRA books (slightly stalled on #4), Smoke and Ashes (stalled on that), and Ghosts of Burning Inn #3 (not too focused on that now). I’ve taken Winter Key down just for the time being but it will be back up sooner than expected. We just need to make some adjustments. I also have some things coming out in anthologies. In one, I’ve got a one-shot of the girls from The Roses Were Red in it. It takes place a few years after The Roses Were Red does. More on that will come later.

One last bit of news, I’m going to Authors in the City next year and SASS as well! AITC will be in my hometown so that’ll be something to look forward to. The venue is only eight minutes from my house so that’s going to be fun. SASS will be in Baltimore. I’m looking at a few other venues too. My only signing this year is SASS in Norfolk. I have some personal stuff going on as well that will affect the rest of my year (in both, good and bad ways). I’ll go into those later too.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be back with more later.




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