New changes

I did say that there would be new changes and I mentioned them in my last newsletter if you received it. If not, I might as well just reveal it now. I sent The Winter Key to a publisher (Solstice Publishing) and they have accepted it! That’s why Winter Key is no longer up. I also gave Sugar Mountain Murders and Midnight Lessons, which they also accepted. Right now, everything is in the pre-publishing stage. I cannot tell you when they will be out but hopefully it will be soon.

Another good thing is people are requesting audiobooks of Sparks and Flames and The Roses Were White this week. I’ve been giving audiobook codes left and right. The majority of them have been claimed, which makes me happy. The reviews should start to pour in soon.

I’ve also completed Roses in the Sand, a very short LGBT book. That should be out by the end of April or early May. I also need to prepare for SASS and I’m so behind on it right now. I probably won’t get into ordering swag till May.

Updates on current works:

Flavors of Love #3: 17K

Patterns & Parallels #4: 16K

The Summer Key: 30L

Portman’s Creamery #5: 6K

So far, I’m only rotating between four works. I’ve stalled on TRA #4 and In Too Deep but I hope to get my inspiration back for those two. Also, I hope to get inspiration for Smoke and Ashes (sequel to Sparks and Flames), the completion of the Black Paradise Circus arc, Ghosts of Burning Inn #3, and Operation: Genome #2. Maybe if I’m lucky, I might start Cirque: Macabre #3.

That’s about all for now. I hope you’re all doing well.



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