Another signing come and gone

Well, SASS#16 was this weekend in Norfolk and it was a nice affair. Everything was organized and well run. I was a little overwhelmed when I went there but I still enjoyed it all the same. I do thank everyone who was involved with it and made it a success. I am signed to go to SASS#17 in Baltimore but a lot can happen between now and next year. In fact, the only signing I’m sure I will be at is Authors In the City, which is in Raleigh next year. Even if I move after marriage, I will come down for the weekend and hang out at my mother’s house. The venue is only eight minutes from it so no need to make a room.

Anyway, it’s time to get back to work. I didn’t do a whole lot of writing while I was away but I did start an untitled m/m novel (which will be my first). Last night, I put in a few words into Ghosts of Burning Inn #3. Judging from how I’m writing, this may be the next book that comes out. Although we still have Lilacs and Vanilla, an f/f story and I’m not counting Patterns & Parallels #4 out of this either. But first, out of all of them, The Summer Key will come out. I have a few things to write for anthologies as well and I haven’t started any of that. As wedding plans slowly unwind, I will try to catch up with my writing.

In random news, I’m into PokemonGo and I caught some Pokémon while in Virginia too. It was a fun little thing to do especially cause Norfolk had more stops and places. At home, there’s very little to come across.

Anyway, I’ve got to unwind and rest a little bit. Will catch up with everyone’s stuff soon.




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