New books for fall

Hello and welcome back. Today is all about the new books for the fall. I just wrapped up Lilacs and Vanilla yesterday and sent it to my editor. It’s a full length f/f novel and the first in a short series. The release date for this will most likely be October 11th. It may come out earlier though no earlier than Oct 7th (my husband’s birthday). Yes, it will be available for preorder once I get the book formatted.

Now that this has wrapped up, I’m trying to wrap up Perfect Human #1: Project 99 and my TRA prequel, The Nights Before. PH will probably be out either late Oct or early Nov. The Nights Before will probably come late Nov or early December. That will be it for me this year along with some short stories. I still have no editor for The Summer Key right now. If I don’t get one soon, I will plan something else regarding that.

2017’s first book will either be Smoke and Ashes, Ghosts of Burning Inn #3, or TRA #4. It depends on how I feel at the moment. No idea when it will be released yet. I’m going to be working full time again so we’ll see how things run.

I have to work on my September newsletter now and get that out before the month ends.

Much love,


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