One more down

I finally managed to wrap up Perfect Human #1: Project 99. The cover was made by Amygdala Art, who is always fantastic. She also made the cover to the Ghosts books and The Roses Were Red. The book goes to the editor on the 8th so I will just tie up any loose ends I see there and then we’ll be ready. I want this out by late Oct/early Nov so we’ll see.

So what’s next on my plate? Wrapping up The Reaper’s Apprentices prequel and going further on the new Portman’s Mystery. After long last, I came up with an idea for Winky’s first mystery. I think it will work. The other ideas I had weren’t really working out as well. That book probably will be one of the first to come out in 2017. I hope I can have it ready by Authors In the City in March. Speaking of AITC, the cover reveal for our anthology will be Oct 12th. The book itself will be out Nov 1st.

So updated schedule (* means it’s a story in an anthology)

Lilacs and Vanilla – Oct 7th (preorder now available:

Perfect Human #1 – late Oct/early Nov

*AITC anthology II – Nov 1st

*As I Lay Me Down to Sleep Vol 3 (from Solstice) – Oct 28th

*A Winter Holiday (from Solstice) – Nov 28th

The Nights After – late Nov

Winky’s first mystery (PC #5) – aiming for Jan 2017

As always, these are likely to change. You will hear from me when they do.





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