October begins!

Hello, everyone! The end of the year is so close! As for me, I’m nearing the end of some of these books too. I just gave the Perfect Human draft to my editor and they said they will give it back to me before or on Oct 28th. It’s a little longer than I thought but no worries! That just means it will come out early November instead! Right now, I’m aiming for a Nov 1st release date for this book. If it comes out earlier, even better.

So that just leaves one more book and that’s the fifth Portman’s Creamery mystery (not counting the Black Paradise Circus arc or any shorts I write). It will be Winky’s first mystery and it’s called A Bitter Pill to Swallow. If I can finish it fast enough, I may have that ready by late November or early December. I prefer late November but we’ll see. At the moment, I’m not sure if it will be a full length novel or if it’ll be a novella. This book is moving rather rapidly. It may be out before Perfect Human. I do have to set up a date with my cover designer though.

Also, Lilacs and Vanilla is out early! It’s been a while since I’ve written a book and I’m glad it’s finally out! Come see the latest f/f novel from me!


Another piece of news I want to mention is that I took Operation: Genome off the market for now. Reason for this is that I’m taking much longer than I want to with the sequel. I don’t think it will be out anytime soon. Instead, what I will do is post book 1 & 2 together when the time comes.

So current schedule (likely to change) of books and stories for 2016:

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep Vol #3 (from Solstice) – Oct 28th

Perfect Human #1  – Nov 1st

AITC Anthology II – Nov 1st

A Winter’s Holiday (from Solstice) – Nov 28th

A Bitter Pill to Swallow – late Nov/early Dec

(Somewhere along the way, I may also throw in a surprise. Just saying)


Books likely to come 2017:

Patterns & Parallels #4: Deep In the Heart of the Forest

Smoke and Ashes (sequel to Sparks and Flames)

Ghosts of Burning Inn #3: All Around the World

The Reaper’s Apprentices prequel

The Reaper’s Apprentices #4: The Dolls of Cocytus


This can change at any time though. There’s no release date for any of them yet. We’ll see how I feel and how things go as I continue.


Well, that’s about it for now. Ciao till then.




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