A late October update

The writing world has been pretty busy for me. We’re wrapping up the final books for this year and prepping what will come out next year. I’ve had to make some changes in my schedule but they won’t be huge changes.

First thing is first, A Bitter Pill to Swallow is still going to come out next week. I’m waiting for the final cover files and those usually take a few days. When it does, I will send it be released. It will come out anywhere between Oct 25th and 28th. I don’t want a November release for it although that is also possible. For now, we’re aiming towards the end of the month.

Secondly, I’m working on my edits for The Summer Key. I will go through them again towards the end of the week and return them to my editor. I’m planning a mid to late November release for that book. I really don’t want to release in December unless it goes early December.

Also coming out are the smaller works! They will come out in anthologies on Oct 28th, Nov 1st, and Nov 28th. More details will come as I get them.

A bigger, longer update will come later.



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