A big change is coming

Hello and welcome to another update. November is slowly creeping up on us now and the year is almost over. In doing so, my last couple of books are going to come out soon. All I’m doing is waiting. I’m waiting on Perfect Human #1 to come back from the editor and I’m waiting on my final covers for A Bitter Pill to Swallow. As soon as they come, those books will be out. I’m aiming for an Nov 1st release for Perfect Human #1. I was hoping to get A Bitter Pill to Swallow out at the end of this month but that may not happen. A lot of things can change. The main thing to know is that as soon as I get something back, we’re moving forward. As for The Summer Key, my editor is out of town this weekend but I think we’ll be moving forward with that too.

Now here’s the big news. I’m about to do something that I haven’t done in five years. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. The reason I haven’t done this in a long time is because I’ve been busy trying to finish up other books. However, this idea came to me recently and I really want to work on it. NaNo is the perfect time to do that. I have the title, Roses of the Ocean. The plot will be revealed a little later. I will say that this is not part of any series, big or small. It’s a standalone. It is fantasy and romance. That is as far as I’m telling right now. For November, that is pretty much all I’m going to work on.

2016 has been quite the year for books. We’ve had long ones, short ones, published traditionally, and self-published. Even though it’s not over yet, I’m wrapping for the year. Here’s what to look forward to next year (likely to change).


The Nights After – The TRA prequel I wanted to release but didn’t finish

Patterns & Parallels #4: Deep In the Heart of the Forest – I will try to get back into this in December

Ghosts of Burning Inn #3: All Around the World – ditto with this. I may even wrap up this series next year with book 4.

Crossing Paths #2 : Untitled as of now – haven’t started it yet but I will

Perfect Human #2: The Chimera – started on it but not putting myself completely into it

Roses of the Ocean – the NaNo project will probably be out early 2017

Delicate Things – my first m/m romance. Working on it now, will come out early 2017 as well


There may also be another Portman’s book as well as TRA #4 and I will try to finish The Autumn Key. There’s a lot going on and a lot that I’m planning. I can’t wait to show all of you!


I hope next week I will have some links for you!




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