Some links and new books

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve come back with another update. However, I come back with links. That’s what I have been waiting for!

The first link is to the new Portman’s Creamery story, A Bitter Pill to Swallow. This is Winky’s first mystery and it will be live on Nov 1st.You can go ahead and preorder it now! Even though it says number five, you technically don’t need to read the first four to get this. The PC books don’t follow a timeline so you can start right here.

The second is a link to the Solstice anthology, As I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol 3. I have a story in this anthology. This isn’t a prompt from any series, just a straight-forward ghost story.

Finally, the AITC anthology is coming out Nov 1st. Pre-order is still available for only 99 cents! 11 novellas, 11 great stories! Yes, I’m included in this too.

There! I think I’ve covered it all! Now time for some rest.



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