Big changes

Hello, everyone. I apologize for staying away from social media for a while. This has been a rough week and I’ve had to do a lot of things. I’m physically and emotionally drained right now. There are some things that happened that led me to make certain decisions. They are the decisions that are going to affect my writing and my career.

The first thing is that I have left Solstice. I will not discuss the reasons why I chose to leave but it was my decision. That means all my books with them are back with me. I’ll be re-uploading both The Sugar Mountain Murders and The Winter Key on my own. Slight changes will be made but nothing major to them. Midnight Lessons will also be uploaded (although that will be a December thing). The Summer Key, which was supposed to come on the 15th, has been postponed to the 22nd. The shorts that I had with them will now be going into an anthology for next year.

Secondly, and I feel bad about this, Perfect Human #1 came out on Tuesday. Probably a bad idea to release this on election day. I should have waited till next week for it. My mind was not on promoting. That was all my fault.

Thirdly, I changed my mind on my NaNo project. Instead, it’s going to be Perfect Human #2. At the moment, it’s the only thing I really feel like writing. It started when I started the other book so it’s okay. Right now, it’s pretty cathartic. I didn’t want to get into the sequel right now but it’s all that’s helping me.

As the days, I’m going to add my stories back and keep control of them. I have some plans for 2017 but for now, I need to reel back and reflect. I’m not ready for anything yet.



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