In like a lion…


Hello and welcome to March. First off, I have to apologize for a severe lack of updates in February. The reason for it is that my husband and I were going through some personal stuff. However, a lot of it has been resolved. We are actually going to move to Texas in a few weeks. Neither of us has been there before so that will be something to look forward. It will be a challenge for both of us. With that said, I probably won’t get too much more writing done during this time. I’ll probably get a regular writing schedule back once we’ve settled in.

So here’s the schedule. I leave next week for North Carolina to do Authors In the City. While there, I will try to write but no guarantees on anything. I do have good news and that’s that I finally hit 50K on Perfect Human #4. I need to clean up #3 first. After that, I’m going to try to get to 30K on Crossing Paths #2, 30K on Patterns & Parallels #4, try to get back to my PC special, and maybe a little something new. We’ll see though.

On a plus side, Perfect Human #2 is finally out. I got it out in time! Perfect Human #1 is also available though I think you can understand things in #2 pretty well. #3 and #4 are where things get pretty intense though.

As soon as I’m settled down, I’ll get back to using my social media more often. I think I’m on Twitter the most at the moment. It’s easy to get small thoughts out. @CyberPeacock is where you can find me. I will also try to get the newsletter out before I leave!




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