Short update

Truth be told, there isn’t much to update now. It’s pretty hard for me to write without some of my stuff here. I have to rely on my memory and there are certain things that I don’t remember all too well. I’m going back to Texas on the 29th and then I have to leave on the 3rd. Which means I have three days to clean up either Perfect Human #3 or CP #2 and send it to my editor. I’m going to have my ass kicked here. I really thought I’d have a book out by the end of this month but that won’t be happening. So here’s more or less the schedule now for 2017 books.

May 2017 – Perfect Human #3

May 2017- Crossing Paths #2

July 2017 – Perfect Human #4

Aug/Sept 2017 – Crossing Paths side novel

Sept 2017 – Patterns & Parallels #4

Nov 2017 – Heart of the Night (new standalone romance)

Also possible – TRA #4

Again, this list can change. I have really no idea what the future holds for me in terms of writing. I do still have plans for SASS 17 in Baltimore. All others are signed up but no guarantees on them yet. Truth be told, I don’t have much I can update on. I’m still writing and I’ve scheduled a cover design moment that’s it. Audiobooks are also in progress. Other than that, things are slow.

Will hopefully have a better idea of what’ll happen later. I’ll get back to regular newsletters too.



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