A July update

Hello and welcome to July. I’ve been away for a while but tomorrow I get to go back home. A lot has happened over the past few weeks and I’m not sure where to start. Let me go with the simple stuff.

Another signing has come and gone. SASS17 is out of the way now and now preparations for SASS18 are underway. I’m not sure if I’m going to Norfolk next year or not but I’ve put my name in the ring. I don’t know how many signings I’ll do next year. Truth be told, the next couple of months are up in the air for me. However, I won’t rule anything out.

The second thing to mention is that my merman m/m novel has been postponed because my cover designer has been met with an unexpected tragedy in the family. She just needs some time to get through that. So I’m guessing it may not be out before August. If it does come out sooner, I’ll definitely let people know. For now, let’s just assume an August date.

Third, I have some new projects. Some of you may have seen on Twitter about me talking about a Soulmates book. This is part Dystopian/part NA/part romance. This is different from anything I’ve done before. It is also incredibly longer than anything else I’ve written, a little over 100K words. First book is nearing completion and the second book has been started. It will be a short trilogy (well, not really short but you get the idea). Book one is called Broken World and Book two will be called Blank Canvases. More on that will come out a little later.

Finally, a new LGBT f/f novel will be in the works, Silk and Silence. Details on that coming soon but know that it takes place in a circus. I’ll probably start work on that when I get home.

That’s about it for now. Take care, everyone.



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