In like a lion…


Hello and welcome to March. First off, I have to apologize for a severe lack of updates in February. The reason for it is that my husband and I were going through some personal stuff. However, a lot of it has been resolved. We are actually going to move to Texas in a few weeks. Neither of us has been there before so that will be something to look forward. It will be a challenge for both of us. With that said, I probably won’t get too much more writing done during this time. I’ll probably get a regular writing schedule back once we’ve settled in.

So here’s the schedule. I leave next week for North Carolina to do Authors In the City. While there, I will try to write but no guarantees on anything. I do have good news and that’s that I finally hit 50K on Perfect Human #4. I need to clean up #3 first. After that, I’m going to try to get to 30K on Crossing Paths #2, 30K on Patterns & Parallels #4, try to get back to my PC special, and maybe a little something new. We’ll see though.

On a plus side, Perfect Human #2 is finally out. I got it out in time! Perfect Human #1 is also available though I think you can understand things in #2 pretty well. #3 and #4 are where things get pretty intense though.

As soon as I’m settled down, I’ll get back to using my social media more often. I think I’m on Twitter the most at the moment. It’s easy to get small thoughts out. @CyberPeacock is where you can find me. I will also try to get the newsletter out before I leave!



A long overdue update

I am sincerely sorry for the lack of updates this month. I’m just trying to buckle down and get everything ready before Authors In the City next month. I have to slow down a little bit since we have a bit of a financial issue right now. Throw in my own personal issues and I’m worn out. Hopefully, March will go a little easier.

The newest Portman’s book, Blood Drops and Desperate Measures, is finally out. I’m sorry I took so long to announce this. I’ve been so busy with so many things at once. Also out is the audiobook for Castles In Flames and Ice #1: Rebirth. I’ve done a poor job of marketing this month and I want to apologize. That was the last thing on my mind and I will try to get back into it soon. I’m hoping our situation gets better so I can focus on finishing up some stuff.

The next book to come out will probably be Perfect Human #2. Then it’s up in the air until Crossing Paths #2 comes out in April or May. Other things are getting worked on slowly but surely. At the moment, I’m just writing like I’m running out of time.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, more will come next month

Mid-January updates

Hello, and welcome to the middle of January. It’s been a very busy month regarding writing. Some of you may have seen that Castles In Flames and Ice #1: Rebirth is out now on Amazon. Castles In Flames and Ice #2: Return will be released February 1st. In case you’re wondering, no, there won’t be a third book to this series. It ends right here.

Secondly, I have completely my next book in the Portman’s Creamery series, Blood Drops and Desperate Measures. It’s a book focusing on Stacey. Now we’re going back around with the girls again. I’m also working on The Reaper’s Apprentices #4, started another PC arc mystery, wrapping up Perfect Human #2 and #3, and I’m trying to get back to writing Patterns & Parallels #4. I got halfway through that and let it sit on the back burner for a while. Getting back into that universe will be tough but I will try. There are a few others thing I started but I don’t know if I will finish them. Other works are calling.

I got my first little bit of new swag for the new books for AITC #17. They did end up giving me a ton of other people’s magnets by accident so they told me to discard those. I feel bad for those people whose magnets I got.

Anyway, it’s time to get back to work! Too bad my day job is a bit slow these days. I’m spending the time writing other stuff.


Welcome to 2017

Hello and welcome to 2017. A new means new work and does mean some changes came to my stuff. You may notice the big changes is that there is a new book out. Yes, it was a surprise release. Some of you may have heard of me talking about a skating romance and I did complete both it and its sequel. I gave my sequel to the editor today and am waiting on the cover art. I’m aiming for February 1st for the sequel’s release. In the meantime, check out the first book. It’s called Castles In Flames and Ice. Book One is called Rebirth and Book Two is called Return.

Secondly, you may have noticed that some books are down. I have unpublished them for the time being. It’s only so I can focus and try to finish up some other lingering things. Castles is the first series I’ve actually completed. I’m hoping I can complete something else soon.

Third, I finally got my pre-order form for Authors In the City up. I’m only bringing six books to this one unless someone requests something else. I don’t want to bog myself with too many books. I’ve also started ordering some swag for it.

As my birthday approaches on Thursday, I’m thinking of how to change the way I do things. There will be more changes coming along. More news on that soon.



One more post before 2017

I just want to make one more post regarding things with writing. I have taken down some of my books FOR THE TIME BEING. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up writing them. It doesn’t mean I will stop writing them. I just need to focus and finish some other stuff before getting into these again. I just took down the ones that are the least priority now. I also want to publish them elsewhere. They will be back! I promise you that!

Secondly, my decision was also affected by the people around me. I have not had a good holiday season, I’m sorry to report. I don’t want to go into details regarding that. Let’s just say that I’ve taken quite a few blows and it’s knocked me down. It’s hard to keep standing when you’re falling apart deep inside. So I had to prioritize and focus on one thing at a time. 2016 was a pretty poor year and I don’t think 2017 will be much better.

Finally, here’s my book on Kindle Scout for nominations. I doubt I will get a contract for this but in either case, I’m aiming for early February for its release. I want it to be out around February 1st.

Perfect Human #2 will probably be the first book of 2017. Once my mother leaves next week, I will attempt to finish it and have it by mid-January 2017.

That’s it for now. I hope you all have a better new year that I’m going to have.



Happy Holidays and more

I hope you are all having a good holiday and enjoying the time. Things are all right with me.

Anyway, I’ve decided to try Kindle Scout and launch a campaign for my newest book, Castles In Flames and Ice. The nomination page is here. If you’d like to, please nominate me. It would mean so much. Thank you ahead for your time.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be back in 2017 with more news.


A slight update

Hello, and welcome to an update right before the holidays. Writing has been going very smoothly. I’m trying to tie up loose ends on Perfect Human #2. I’m hoping to have that book out in January. The cover has come to me already so I need to finish over the weekend. Another book that’s almost ready to come out is a skating f/f romance, Castles In Flames and Ice. It’s a two part series. Book One is called Rebirth. Book Two, which is currently at 14K, will be called Return. It may be the quickest that I actually finish a series.

Currently, the books that I’m trying to write are Perfect Human #3, Book Two of the Castles In Flames and Ice series, Portman’s Creamery #6, and The Reaper’s Apprentices #4. Once one of these books is close to completion, I’m starting Crossing Paths #2. No title for that yet but it will be started early 2017.

A lot of writing plans are unknown right now. I’ve got to get into the right mind-frame for some of them. Another I should mention is that I will be changing the covers the TRA books again. That will probably happen around January with the first book. A lot is going to happen next year. I’m praying it’ll be better than this year was.

That’s about all for now. I’ll be back before the new year rolls in.