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Few changes made…

So I’ve made a few changes for the new book’s release. First thing, I’ve decided to release it April 21st instead. Since everything is already here, I don’t need to prolong it. So it will officialy be out then!

The second change will be the date of my release party. I’ll have it during the weekend of April 17th. Depending on how many people participate, I may extend it to cover the whole weekend. So what does that mean? That you need to join and invite your friends over to it!  It’s pretty empty right now but I promise to update it. I do have an author takeover on the 18th but that’s not an issue. I can do two things at once on the computer! (Maybe three if I have to write as well).

Link to FB release party: https://www.facebook.com/events/435040723324158/?ref_dashboard_filter=hosting

Pre-order links on Amazon for those who want to get it early:






Updates on other works:

Patterns & Parallels #2: Is at 35K right now

Portman’s Creamery Black Paradise Arc #1: At 28K

TRA #2: At 22K

I’ve got some free time this week so I can hopefully catch up on all of them!

I hope to see you all at the release party!